5 Business Mistakes I Made That You Don’t Need To

I made a lot of mistakes with my business: taking on debt, marketing inconsistently, undervaluing my services by setting prices too low, working IN my business all day every day (instead of working ON my business). I also started out from a weak position: I didn’t have any money; in business, it’s called being “undercapitalized.” […]

60 Second Survival: Tools for managing your mind

If you struggle with anxiety or depression, you need tools for survival. It helps to treat living the way a contractor manages a huge construction project: step by step, day by day, piece by piece. Life Management is Project Management. Break it down into small pieces. I call this 60 Second Survival because that’s all […]

Are You In A Cult?

For about 8 years, I have been slowly disentangling myself from a cult. Cult indoctrination techniques are so normalized for us that most people don’t realize how much exposure they have to them. Cult leaders are interchangeable. But the techniques are universal. More disturbingly, exposure to brainwashing tactics have a long-term effect on your brain’s […]

Courting by poetry

Good writing is intimate. Anne Lamott taught me that. When I read something written high aloft and far away from itself, I lose interest. Beware: this Journal of Failure is close in on its subject. This is not my first blog by a far stretch. The term ‘blog’ was coined sometime in the late 90’s […]

A journal of failure

So, no joke. I really don’t know what the hell I’m doing. Like, for real. It’s 2019 and I still haven’t recovered from the Great Recession of ’08. In June of ’08, I had been recently divorced and just left my job in Social Work. I was doing a lot of yoga and feeling pretty […]

dukkha (Buddha’s first noble truth)

(I published this poem 6 years ago. Seeing it today, I have thoughts. And that’s as good a reason to write as any.) You Think You Are Meant you think you are meant to be happy all the time you think you are mucking it up sad angry as if sad angry are bad things […]

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